Astro Share

The name Astro Share, we think, shares the thought of the company. The sharing of resources is key with Astro Share. With that thought, Astro-Online arose as well, a product which confronted the astrology market.

working together = earning together

Astro Share is mostly based on revenue-sharing. This means that we don't only lay the risks and investments with our clients, but also carry them ourselves. Working together is earning together.

state of the art ICT knowledge

The founders of Astro Share are computer experts. The complex algorithms which base the Astro-Online software, we see, as a true challenge. So, Astro Share has highly qualified computer scientists at their disposal, on the area of internet technology.

multi dimensional view

Furthermore, Astro Share understands that the delivered content is as important as the technology. Astro Share has composed a team of people who can view the content from different perspectives. And of course, we're also open for your view...