Astro-Online is an open source astrology program that offers widget-based horoscopes. Horoscope widgets can be added to any HTML website by adding just a few lines of HTML and JavaScript code.

Astro-Online consists of several components, which can be installed all together on the same server or all separately on different servers. This architecture also allows users to call widgets from the cloud, which eliminates the need for any software installation at all. Usage of widgets can be established by the injection of a combination of HTML and JavaScript code in a website or a personal page e.g. in a social network.

Different Astro-Online components use different technologies. The component-based architecture eliminates the need to understand all the different technologies used as it offers users the possibility to install only the components that need to be customized to their specific requirements. Astro Share offers consultancy services for those who need development assistance in some specific areas and lack the knowledge needed for customization.

The online documentation explains the Astro-Online architecture and the different installation and usage types. It also offers information on using arguments in widgets and customizing widget layout and/or content. If you need assistance, please leave a message. If you are missing some functionality or want to make suggestions for improvements, we value your feedback!

A lot of work, time and energy were put into the development of this astrology software. Please respect our license agreement, which can be found with the documentation. We hope you’ll enjoy our software and hope to stay in touch.

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