Daily horoscope

Astro Share offers daily horoscopes for radio, TV, internet, newspapers, magazines and mobile services. Many people like to look into the future and are curious of what’s waiting for them. Daily horoscopes are an absolute pull-factor! The daily horoscope for mobile services have a maximum of 160 characters.


The content and availability of these services is completely maintained by Astro Share. For this service you can simply call a URL provided by Astro Share.

Fixed expenses

For just € 320,- a month (excluding VAT), you can have new astrological content everyday, at your disposal. An ideal solution for newspapers and magazines: varying content without high costs.

Revenue sharing

This content can also be delivered based on revenue sharing. That way you have the possibility to integrate our Astro-Services into your own services without a contract with fixed monthly costs.


The daily horoscopes are written by Mieke van Kooten. The copyrights are reserved by Astro Share.

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