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Check out our online horoscopes. Online natal and compatibility reports including charts and interpretations. Find out which sign of the zodiac fits best to your personality. Find your new lover or check your current relationship. And much more...

Online horoscope

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Astro Share offers astrological content and technology for internet, multimedia, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, mobile services and other media in several languages. Content is delivered in standard format like XML or JSON and can be easily integreated into your business services.

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Our horoscopes can easily be added to your website or your social network page. While you can use the functionality and content available on Astro Share's server, you can easily design and implement your own layout with just a little knowledge of stylesheets.

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Want to use our software and content to offer astrological services to your website visitors? Please check out if your can simply add our horoscopes to your page first. If you need additional technology and/or content and like to have your own installation, feel free to download Astro-Online from SourceForge.

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