Monthly horoscope

Astro Share offers monthly horoscopes for radio, TV, internet, newspapers, magazines and mobile services. What's coming up this month? A horoscope with a lot of attention. Monthly horoscopes are about 60 words per sign of the zodiac. The monthly horoscopes for mobile services compose of two messages per sign and have a maximum of 160 characters.


The content and availability of these services is completely maintained by Astro Share. For this service you can simply call a URL provided by Astro Share.

Fixed expense

The costs for monthly horoscopes are 160,- a month (excluding VAT). An ideal solution for newspapers and magazines: varying content without high costs.

Revenue sharing

This content can also be delivered based on revenue sharing. That way you have the possibility to integrate our Astro-Services into your own services without a contract with fixed monthly costs.


The monthly horoscopes are written by Mieke van Kooten. The copyrights are reserved by Astro Share.

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