Widget sharing

Astro-Online widgets are basically horoscopes that can be added easily to any website or personal webpage. Follow the following steps to add an Astro-Online widget to your webpage:

  • Inside the widget click on the link "Add this widget to your website"
  • Position the cursor inside the textarea
  • The text inside the texarea is automatically selected
  • Copy the text to your clipboard (Windows: ALT+C; Mac CMD+C)
  • Paste the text on your clipboard inside your own webpage (Windows: ALT+V; Mac CMD+V)
  • That's all!

You can add the following horoscopes to your webpage:

Natal horoscope
Compatibility horoscope
Favorite starsign
Signs of the zodiac

Leave a message if can't get it to work
Read here how you can change the layout of your widget (TIP)